Subdivisions of the Billiard Sport

Cue sports or rather known as billiard sports is a well known sports in the world. There are many names or meanings that are given to this sport it depends on what country that this sport is being played. In British and Australian English, it is called “billiards” it usually means exclusively to the game itself, while in American and Canadian English it usually means or refers to a specific game of billiard or particularly a class of billiard games and sometimes it depends upon the dialect and its context. Wide varieties of skills are needed to play this sport. It depends on the dedication of the player and its passion on how to play the game.

There are different kinds or rather there are three (3) major subdivisions of games within these cue sports. One is Carom billiards, this type of game are played on tables that has no pocket or holes in the side and the corner of the table it include others like balkline and straight rail, cushion caroms, three-cushion billiards and artistic billiards. The second one is Pool, this one is the most commonly played among the subdivisions of billiards. This type of game is being played in a billiard table with six (6) holes or pockets, four (4) at both corners (one on each corner) and two (2) at the side of the billiard table. Pool includes eight-ball or also known as “world’s most widely played billiard sport”, nine-ball, straight pool, one pocket and bank pool are also included. Lastly and the third one is Snooker which is technically a pocket billiard game. It is also classified generally separate because this kind of cue sport is based on its historic divergence from other games as well as other different culture and terminologies that is characterized by its play. There are also other games related to billiard that is unique by its own way like they are using obstacles and targets. Some also use table-top played with disks instead of balls.

Pool is now played at different places around the world. Some are playing on pool bars or café if they want to have challenges like playing to some random person in the bar or they like playing cash games or betting. Others are joining competition to earn money, fame or sometimes to represent there country to receive respect or to make there country know to this kind of sport. While others are just playing home, playing billiards as there hobby. They just buy pool table on billiard shops others buy their stuffs from online or also known as online shopping because now people can just buy anything through internet. They just have to make sure that what they are buying are high or good quality and are good in terms of durability of pool table and other billiard apparel for them to last long.