Pocket Billiards – The Growing Sport

Pool, also known “pocket billiards” in some countries. Though the original pool game was played on a pocketless carom billiard table and it gained popularity all over the world. But now days it is known as “Billiards” and it is one of the most favorite sports that most of the people played in the world. This kind of sport is composed of a billiard/pool table with six (6) receptacles which is called the pockets along the side of the rails which the main objective is to get the balls inside the hole, a billiard/pool balls which composed of 15 colored balls (8 solid color balls and 7 stripe colored balls) and a white ball with a dot in the center which is called cue ball and a pool cue or shall we call pool stick or billiard stick.

There are many kinds of billiard games, almost a hundred of pool games some of them which is popular including eight-ball, nine-ball, straight pool and one pocket. It is now known as one of the competitive sport and it is governed internationally by World Pool-Billiard Association (WPA) and has national affiliates such as US Billiard Congress of America (BCA) which made it famous in the world and it is even a sport in the Olympics by being a part of the International Olympic Committee.

The sport actually evolved in many ways, like it is now played in video games like PlayStation, Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360, Play Station Portable (PSP) etc. It is made possible and accessible by the growing technology in the world today. You can even buy stuffs at home by just sitting on you desktop or laptop connected on the internet or it is called online shopping. You can buy cue pool online, pool/billiard table, billiard/pool balls and other billiard equipments and it is easy access because it is delivered directly to your home, outside you door. But there are some people who are adventurous or competitive type of person. If you’re that kind, you can go to some bars that have billiard tables and you can challenge other people to play pool with you. You can even make money on it, it depends if you are really good at it.

Now, there is no hindrance in playing pool because it is easy to get access on it. You just go to places that have it or you can order it in stores or online. Just make sure that you are doing it at your own will for you to enjoy the game of billiards.