How to Disassemble a Pool Table

Dismantling a pool table can be fairly simple, giving you have the correct apparatuses and labor. The guidelines recorded here are for a standard wood outline home pool table with a slate overnight boardinghouse drop pockets. Coin worked tables and non slate tables have diverse guidelines while dismantling.

Devices Needed: 9/16″ attachment, attachment torque, Philips screwdriver. Checked sandwich baggies to put screws and fasteners.


Rail Assembly: Contains the wooden rail, the pad or guards to which the cook’s garment connects to.

Guards: The elastic piece of the rail. They are secured with felt.

Cook’s garments: The lush portions that connect to the rail get together. Can be a perpetual piece of the rail gathering or can be screwed relying upon producer of table.

Felt: The material that covers the playing surface and the rail guards. Typically it is a 75% woolen 25% nylon mix.

Slate: The playing surface of the pool table. Typically comes in (3) pieces. Can either be wood sponsored or unbacked.

Edge: The base of the pool table which the slate sits on.

To start with begin off by segregating the pockets from the table itself. Typically the ties of the pockets are appended to the table itself with either screws, staples, nails or paste.

Next utilizing your 9/16″ attachment and torque; expel the rail jolts (12) situated underneath each rail. Place the rail dashes in a checked baggie for capacity.

Take one area of the rail gathering (2 sides and best/base) and flip them over onto the secured bed of the pool table. Unscrew the pocket screws.

Expel pockets from rail get together and place to side.

Place rails to the side. A few tables you should evacuate the cook’s garments now.

Expel felt from slate bed. The felt is generally either stuck down or stapled to the wood support of the slate. On the off chance that it is stapled, expel each staple precisely, as not to tear the felt itself.

Expel the slate sinks and place checked baggie. Now and again all the slate tightens will be loaded with either beeswax, Bondo or spackling putty. Deliberately expel the item from each gap.

Draw the slates separated and lift every one and place to the side.These are overwhelming so please make a special effort to be watchful.

Dismantle the casing. By and large, more often than not on the off chance that you are simply moving the table a short separation all that will be required is expelling the legs.

Expelled the dash from every leg. Lift table up and expel legs and place to side.